An Acceleration Platform.
For Everything You Love in Life.


Something Different.

Far beyond today’s social and business network platforms, EPX is a tech ecosystem, a culture and global network where you can connect with other amazing peers across the planet and strengthen yourself at the same time.

EPX is the first accelerator platform for everything you want in life - faster achievement, exciting experiences, incredible connections and ramping up your personal performance in happiness and health too.

There’s no surprise ads about what you said in a private conversation or what you dreamt about last night. No news feeds. No narcissists. No polarization on topics no one understands.

What’s the value of achieving peak health and cognitive performance? How about that next big client, raising needed capital, or finding trusted talent you need?

What’s the value of helpful relationships around the world, a new best friend or dancing somewhere under the milky way?

It’s all here for you. And a LOT MORE.

What is EPX?

It’s About Time.

EPX is both a platform and a culture. One where there are no benchmarks, no personal news feeds just to feel relevant and no filters needed on your pictures. Authentic and real, we celebrate the lows as much as the highs on our individual journey to more happiness and progress as well.

You can attend and host talks, classes, events, adventures & even host/grow your own community too! Everything meant to help you achieve more, live more, and be more.

EPX is also FutureForward™ technology like next-gen immersive spaces, AI for health, networking and business, digital memberships and all of it combined with an Open Business Interface where every member is a partner and has a stake in accelerating each other’s success.

We’re not everyone’s network. This is specifically for the most ambitious, most humble, coolest people on the planet who want to max out every aspect of life and stand ready to help others doing the same.

Welcome to EPX. Welcome Home.

Accelerate Everything.

As an EPX member, you'll have access to AI tools, meetups, masterclasses, adventures and events to help you max it out.

A Culture of

How do you explain a culture that comes from a mashup of top DJs and creative designers, legendary explorers, world-class athletes and thought-leading entrepreneurs who propel humanity forward?

Or a culture absent of judgement where there is nothing to prove other than to strengthen yourself and help others along the way?

Cool. Creative. Sexy. Smart. Adventurous. Intelligent. Humble. Ambitious. Authentic. Giving.

Yes. Yes. Yes. We’re all of that and we can’t wait to see how YOU’LL help shape our story too.


EPX is both cutting-edge and a bridge for everyone to master the use of cutting-edge tech as it shapes the future of how the world will work, play and live.

Not sure how to harness artificial intelligence, the metaverse or other web3 technologies in business for real-world benefits?

Don’t sweat it. We got you covered. As an EPX Member, we’ll make sure you’re set up to have and master it all. After all, we’re pioneering AI for health, networking and your business too.

FutureForward™️ is like a speakeasy within the platform where you have access to the tech, the training and the apps to master and enjoy the future of the web and more.

Breakthroughs At Every Turn.

Open Business Interface™

Just like software has APIs, OBI means that every member has the potential to partner with EPX to bring our global set of members more value in features, events, speaking, growing sub-communities, offering services and more. Of course, members always have the ability to publish opportunities into the platform themselves.


EPX is the bridge for everyone wondering what AI, Web3 and the metaverse is all about and how to deploy it in business. Every member can get a decentralized wallet that you control and mint an EPX membership token. If you’re an EPX+ member, you’ll have access to some advanced AI which will help you in all areas of business and everyone will experience the future of immersive spaces online too!

Hyperbolic Grants™

As an active member in good standing, if you help build the network, you deserve to receive a financial interest in the network itself. Shazam. EPX+ members will qualify for this breakthrough program where the more you assist, the more real life shares you can earn, doubling over time. Invite others like you to join and we’ll give you a copy of their grant too, layered on top of yours.

Engagement Economy™

Members who engage consistently and add value to others deserve to get more from the system and so our rewards system will enable you to translate your great work and participation into value you can redeem for the things you care about most - adventures, services, talent, events and more.

AI for Networking

Looking for the next masterclass on biohacking? Need business expertise or to research potential customers? Perhaps traveling to a new city and want to meet someone who loves the areas of impact and types of adventures you do. All of this is possible with the EPX AI for networking to help facilitate connections, knowledge and commerce too.

AI for Business

What if you had a fully staffed executive team deeply skilled already expertly trained on your specific business? Done. Welcome to your very own AI management team ready to collaborate and help push your business to the next level.

AI for Health

Ramp up your personal performance with the breakthrough EPX Health by Shae app uses 15 sciences to help you optimize the way you work, sleep, eat, work out, live and more. Real-time, nxt-level precision health AI.

Cavalry + Catapults

Cavalry brings a delta force fractional team of CEOs to build YOUR business. Catapult for Health or Business provides members an always-on transformation system where we master and evolve one new area of health or business each month, building habits and step-function results for everyone.

We Can't Wait To Welcome You Home.