10X Everything. Be More.

A New, More
 Powerful You

That’s right. We said it. And we mean it.

What you may not realize is that YOU have another gear and to experience it comes only from mastering yourself - your insecurities, emotions, fears. Eliminate those and the universe will bring more success, stronger relationships, more happiness and on & on. Pursuing that is worth EVERYTHING.

None of us are perfect. But today’s super achievers constantly learn and improve who they are today to strengthen who they’ll be tomorrow - leadership, communication, happiness, health, forgiveness, mindset and much, much more.

EPX Core Value:  Never Stop Evolving.

Become a  10x Leader.

No one can lead without communication, empathy, strength and vision. But you also can’t lead with fear in your head or fear in your heart.

There’s no benchmark in EPX. The badge of honor is showing up to learn, improve, share lessons learned and transform.

From MasterClasses to Expert Coaches to Vault Videos, EPX brings you the talent, tools and know-how to constantly strengthen your ability to influence and lead.

Achieve  10x Happiness

Happiness comes from the comfort of self-acceptance, self-appreciation, the de-programming of old thoughts instilled in us when young and the respect we give everything around us.

You can’t just choose happiness or walk across coals - it’s a process and one that is central to EPX members with content, training, coaching and more.

Here you can just be you and focus in on strengthening yourself to become an unstoppable powerhouse of unjudgable good.

Bio-Hack  10x Health.

Just taking care of health is not enough for X’ers. We want to know how to max it out - cognitive performance, sleep, immune systems, fasting, plant medicine and more.

The EPX ecosystem is full of experts happily sharing their content, wisdom and magic in videos and live sessions alike.

There’s no reason to wait. You can up-level your health right now.

Learn 10x More.  10x Faster.

Never stop evolving means never stop learning.

EPX members are constantly sharing tools and techniques to strengthen the brain, our memory and the speed at which we can consume valuable information.

Member-Driven  opportunities

Perhaps you’re a coach or hosting an event helping others improve their lives. Perhaps a guest speaker for another member.

Depending on your membership, you may be qualified to post your events, retreats, training sessions and offerings in EPX too!

PS. If you have a business or run a community in this space, we’d love to chat and help you grow it too!

Ready to 10x Everything? Let’s go.