A Global Network of All-Stars

Get Ready to Strengthen Up.


It’s not always WHAT you know. It’s WHO you know. And the horsepower that makes up the EPX network is second to none.

We’re movers and shakers, thought leaders and explorers. But we’re also family members, brothers and sisters, corporate employees and first time entrepreneurs too.

Surround yourself with others who inspire you and YOU will accomplish great things.

Fatema Hamdani

Co-Founder + CEO at Kraus Hamdani Aerospace

Danielle Kayembe

Speaker + Author + Entrepreneur + Futurist

Kent Kellough

Regional Sales Director at SambaNova AI Systems

Jackie Knechtel

Co-Founder at Flow Mastery + Flow Consciousness Institute

Rafael Marty

General Manager Cybersecurity at ConnectWise

Nina Holtsberry

Director of Engagement at i4cp + Attorney at Law

Craig Goldberg

President + Co-Founder at inHarmony Interactive. Natural Health Expert.

Ritesh Patel

CEO + Co-founder at The Ticket Fairy + Founder at LOCUS

Amit Pradhan

President at Silicon Valley Blockchain Society + Co-founder at Zero Labs, Rainfall.One

Jeany Stein

CEO at Panotip + Co-founder at MEI Foundation

Halland Chen

Medical Director, MD, Stem Cell and BioHacking expert + Co-Founder at itMD

Sergio Fernández de Córdova

Chairman at PVBLIC Foundation + Chairman + founder at P3 Smart City

Ingrid Vanderveldt

Founder + Chairman at Empowering a Billion Women

Hrish Lotlikar

Co-founder + CEO at SuperWorld Metaverse

Jo-Ellen Burston

CEO at Inspiring Rare Birds + Founder + MD at Job Capital

Bastiaan Bas Den Braber

Anti-Poaching Entrepreneur

World-class Achievers + Friends

Space Shuttle Captains, Single Moms, Web3 Pioneers, Ocean Swimmers, Middle Managers, Race Car Drivers, Actors, Legendary Mountaineers, DJs, Solo World Sailers, Marketing Managers, Wingsuit Pioneers, Life Coaches, F-16 Pilots, Nurses, Underwater Archeologists, Redbull Kiteboarders, EO Members, YPO Members, Solopreneuers, Stem Cell Leaders, Neuroscience Leaders, Countless Entrepreneurs, Adventure Lovers + Digital Nomads.

There is no benchmark here. Other than your own performance and happiness as well.

Welcome Home.

Colin O'Brady

Record-Breaking Endurance Athlete + Mountaineer

Robert Swan

Polar Explorer Legend

Jill Ellis

World Cup Champion Soccer Coach

Ron Garan

Fighter Pilot + Space Station + Shuttle Astronaut

Julia Dujmovits

Snowboarding Olympic Champion

John Foley

Lead Solo Pilot for the Blue Angels + Team Performance Expert

Scott Parazynski

NASA Space Shuttle + Space Walking Astronaut + Mountaineer + Volcanaut

Eduardo Strauch

Survivor of Famed Andes Plane Crash

Susi Mai

Queen of the Air Kiteboarding Legend

Ben Edlestein

Explorers Club + Sailed the World Solo for 8 Years

Tormod Granheim

Skied Down from Everest Summit + Mountaineer + Photographer

Ben Lecomte

Swam the Atlantic Ocean + Most of Pacific + Oceanic Plastic Activist

Barry Clifford

Discoverer of Pirate Ships, Treasures + Christopher Columbus ships

Nicholas Monroe

Top Ranked Professional Tennis Player + TV Commentator

Alexandra Jekova

11x Bulgarian Champion + 4x Olympian + 2x Olympic Finalist + 17 World Cup Podiums + 3x World Cup Gold Medals

Bill Steele

Legendary Cave Explorer + Explorers Club Member

Joby Ogwyn

Base Jump + Wing Suit + Mountaineering Pioneer

Illina Frankiv

One of ~450 Women to Summit Everest

Gustavo Yacamán

Red Bull Athlete + Race Car Champion

Nik Halik

Entrepreneurial Alchemist + Civilian Astronaut + Extreme Adventurer

And Many More Superstars Like You!