Opportunity is Knocking

The EPX Mobile App is here and will let you know when your attention is needed in the larger platform. So download it, move that icon to your home screen, and when you see a notification... come on in!

Home Screen Notifications

If you want to harness the opportunities that are sure to come your way, this icon needs to be on your phone’s home screen.

The app is a window into what is happening in the network and where your attention and action are needed.

Never Miss a Thing

This is where engagement happens in the system. We share intros, music, incredible events, online masterclasses, adventures, and new tools and services that will help your achievement fly.

And now when you like, comment, share and click into the platform you will earn XPLR credits as thank you for being a valuable member. Engage to Earn is here.

Personal Alerts

Perhaps someone tagged you, followed you or RSVP’d for your online meetup or event.

When this lights up, you know you’re needed in the larger platform to engage and high five a brother or sister too!

X-Chat, Calls & Video

You won’t miss a thing when your tribes' communicate or when another member reaches out to you to create opportunities in achievement, adventure, or personal performance too!

Chat, calls, video, group calls, and a LOT more.

Let’s Make This Easy

Download our app right now! Available in the Android and iOS app stores. And don't wait any longer to enjoy the best mobile experience with us!