Grow A Valuable Network.

Nothing is  More Powerful.

What’s the value of a new game-breaking client? Or a strategic investor? What’s the value of a new best friend?

Relationships are everything. A powerful network can teach you, hire you, invest in you and connect you with whatever you need. There is no faster path to success.

Unlike other networks, every EPX member can’t wait to know you and help you with what you need. It’s who we are. Help First. Help Often.

A Profile as Versatile as You.

Enjoy a single profile to share your personal side, your bio and your work profile with direct links to them all together or each of them separate.

How about your profile extending to the metaverse?  Yep, we’ll soon hit that too.

Whether you’re speaking, applying for a job or making a new friend. Full control of who sees what is here. All in one place.


EPX is about engagement and constant connection with the
least amount of effort. Sometimes it’s providing a comment
on an event page, or liking someone else’s in a tribe. Other
times it’s showing up to learn and share virtually or
attending an event in real life.

The more you engage, the more your network grows.

And the more your network grows, so does your brand and
friendships that can help speed your success or adventure
to the great horizon ahead.

Universe & Metaverse

EPX is about valuable connections that matter for You.

So whether you’re dancing at Burning Man, kayaking besides icebergs, enjoying a drink at a city meetup, traveling to a new city, attending a virtual meetup or exploring a new world in the metaverse, you will never run out of ways to connect with incredible, real-world friends.

Learn more about connecting with others on adventures, events, online and beyond.>>

Member-driven opportunities

Want to host a call or a local meetup? Start a tribe or lead a city?How about a virtual adventure or MasterClass?

We already have the coolest members on the planet who want to meet you. All you have to do is show up and engage. It’s that simple.

Do you manage a Community or Group?

We welcome all community owners to create a branded tribe on the EPX platform from which you can publish on and off-line events, retreats, conferences and more.

We’ll help you grow your membership with exposure and provide incremental value to your own members along the way. And yes… there’s a LOT of benefit in it for you personally.

We’re here to help you grow! Contact Us to Learn More.

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